The Confidence Framework has been developed to reflect Realising Ambition’s interests in the core characteristics required for effective replication.  However we have produced it under a creative commons license. This is so that others are able to adapt the resource.   It means that the Confidence Framework can be used in a variety of different contexts and reflect a range of interests. Our key motivation is to share the learning from Realising Ambition so that others may benefit.   By creating an adaptable and freely available resource that is helpful to others, we hope to embed the legacy of the Realising Ambition programme. We ask only that where you use or adapt  the Confidence Framework  you credit the original source as being Realising Ambition. Please acknowledge that is was originally Big Lottery Fund funded. And please share your adapted version within the site,  supporting Realising Ambition’s principle of generosity.

The following link provides you with an Excel version of the Confidence Framework. This will enable you to edit and adapt it so that it exactly meets your needs.  It will give you the framework around which to structure constructive dialogue about service delivery and organisational improvement efforts.

The Confidence Framework_Excel_FINAL