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Evidence gives confidence when it’s used to improve, not just prove…..

What is the Confidence Framework?

The Confidence Framework is designed to help service delivery organisations identify areas of strength and areas for improvement. It focuses on both the service that is delivered and on the organisation itself. The Confidence Framework addresses the five dimensions that Realising Ambition assessed as being essential for effective replication – service design, service delivery, ability to monitor impact, ability to determine benefit and the prospects for sustainability.

Each dimension contains four indicators that together set out all the necessary ingredients for a service that delivers impact at scale.

First, you will be taken through the Rapid Review – this is a short exercise, where you will be asked to rate your degree of confidence that your organisation and service meet each of the indicators at first glance.

The Comprehensive Review is a more considered exercise – you will be asked to ‘justify’ your rating and consider the supporting evidence behind it.

The result of completing either Review will be a ‘heat map’ that clearly illustrates the ‘warm’ areas of strength and the ‘cooler’  areas that may require some  development to ensure your service is delivering the very best impact that it can.